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Unknown / Unidentifiable:

Coins #01: 32mm / Copper / Arabic writing / Moslem verse on opposite side /

I've spent too much time trying to find this coin; I suspect it to be the Khanate of Khiva

And for just $2.49 you may have the pleasure of identifying it, yourself!

Hint: What appears to be the date, ends with two ARABIC fiveS ... [double zeros].

Identified  by Adam Rusak: 

Ottoman Empire 20 Para, KM#668, 1255 (1848-1859)

2 Sept. 2019

Image borrowed from Numista.


Adam Rusak has identified this coin:

"It appears to be an Ottoman Empire 20 Para, KM#668 

 1255 (1848-1859)

Thanks Adam. / 2 Sept. 2019