Bob's Selling the remaining pieces of his World Coin and Banknote Collection


World Stamps:

A few times in my life, I've bought collections of World Stamps with an eye in mind to supplement my Numismatic Collections, plus to sell the remainder.


Stamps, like these, generally show the Geographic high-lights, natural wonders, flower and fauna, and even the inevitable of the omnipresent taxman.


If you purchase any amount of the Coins from this page, I'm looking for a new home for these stamps and will gladly include some, w/o cost to you, with your purchase.

Sincerely, Bob

SOLD -Jerry Y.

18 Sept. 2020

SOLD - Greg H.

1 Mar. 2020

SOLD - Greg H.

1 Mar. 2020


11 March 2020

SOLD - Raj P.

8 Jan. 2021