First, thank you for reading this information.


Because of health reasons, a while ago, I determined to sell my World Coin and Banknotes Collections. I don't have the luxurious material that some may offer, but just as a blind squirrel may find an acorn if there's a nearby oak tree, you may find a better item occasionally.

My material is selling well, and if I keep having lower prices than eBay, it should continue to sell.

But none of the above has much reason for the creation of this information page. What does have to do with it is that I have seemingly made mistakes. I have, as initially I didn't realize how meticulous I must be:

The eBay Seller, and you may find good ones there too, has only one item, one set, or one lot, or a defined offer to sell, and only the highest bidder will get it. The professional company, as Eduational, buys and sells well, but must charge a little or so more because of their larger over-head and operating expense. I, on the other hand, am just doing this alone, although surrounded by family.

My time and efforts have gone to listing, shipping and all of the record keeping to avoid errors. Now, I've gotten to it! My RECENTLY LISTED page has helped get many sales, but has caused my numerous problems. EXAMPLE: Repeat Customers often start at this page, and numerous times two or three request the same item. Although this seems an easy solution by just selling "First-Come, First-Served", but selling in this manner isn't that easy as some email promptly with orders, others do excellent text orders, and others send lists via USPS. Many sales I've made are large orders, involving dozens to hundreds of coins or banknotes, and it's next to impossible to easily, preemptively eliminate the duplicate orders caused by the RECENTLY LISTED page. Many of the orders which I receive, are also SET-ASIDE Orders, which I appreciate, as so far everyone who has asked me to set-aside items, has bought them once they reached their current needs, or the USPS Small Priority Boxes, which I primarily use, become filled. (They ultimately save the buyer greatly on Cost-Per-Coin).

WhadTimeGonnaDoo: What I really have to do is what I am going to do, and that is to accept orders as they come. This is because I honestly want to be fair with everyone:

  • When an order is received, I will promptly reply to the buyer. I'll tell him or her if there any others in front of them or not; Then give an idea of when their order will be pulled, etc.

The changes that I have made are these: For whomever is first, initially I will duplicate their list, instructions, etc., then go to the page(s) in my website where the item is shown and mark it with a SOLD symbol, plainly over the wanted items, the buyers initials will be included. Here are samples:                                                                                                       -and - 

After marking the coins or banknotes SOLD,

then the items will be pulled to either be set-aside or to be mailed. Then the next order will begin. "First-Come, First-Served".

If at that Point, an item isn't available because it was previously SOLD:

1. If there is another similar coin or BN available, the buyer will be offered it at a low price commensurate with the condition.

2. If nothing is available, the buyer will be informed that it's not available, and I'll move on to the other wanted items.

Most of all of the above has been written here because I want to give good service, but duplicate orders for the same coin or banknote, caused primarily by the RECENTLY LISTED page, have caused me hours trying to discover where that they are. I will continue to look for items because I want the sales, but once I have exhausted looking at the storage of the

"Items on Bob's Selling" and in the original "Show Collection" storage, I'll resign myself to the "loss",  then return to the order to get it ready for when the buyer wants it to be shipped. This will be prompt sending for small orders, and efficient sending for large orders.

Thanks! ... and I really mean Thanks. I hope that I have come-across as being a nice guy, as that is how I want to be. 

Sincerely, Bob