John Rogers


   8603 Cool Brook Court

   Louisville, Ky. 40291




To whom it may concern:


John Rogers rented our "Mother-in-Law Room" from 9 June 2018 to 15 February 2019.


John had taken a job in the Norfolk, Virginia area, but chose to live with us because that which we offered apparently met most of his needs. We found him to be a person of excellent quality. He never used tobacco, nor intoxicants. He always kept a civil tongue. He was personable, but primarily focused on his job, communicating with his family, and his every-day basic needs.


John had a ready smile, an easy-going attitude, and was very self-reliant. Initially, he seemingly had planned to move closer to his work, but my wife and I were grateful that it worked out that he continued to live with us.


John gave us notice as soon as he knew that he would be returning home.


John did not ask for this recommendation. He even stated that it wasn't necessary, but I wanted to give it to him as he deserves it, and we wanted to let him know that we enjoyed our association.


If anyone would like to communicate with us, we'd verify this letter and would be willing to assure anyone of his quality.


Sincerely, Bob Butler

Robert C. Butler

421 Lanyard Road

Newport News, Va.



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