How the Narcissist Responds to Being Ignored:


The narcissist will devalue and demean those who don’t agree with him or those who point out his flaws. When being ignored, he generally will do one of two things:

1.) Label the person who ignored him as ‘inferior’ and thus gives himself a reason to no longer think about the rejection.

2.) If the ignoring person is highly valued and cannot be considered inferior, then the narcissist will then do his best to take revenge. It’s very common for a narcissist to treat someone badly just to “prove” to them that they are not important to him.





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Alex Graduated in Neuro-Psychology from the University of Amsterdam. He worked a few years in a nursing home where he specialized himself in neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson), Personality Disorders and Emotional disorders (depression). Now he specializes in sharing his knowledge on public websites.