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Coins #01: This is a Vasilopita Coin, often similar to a British Sovereign. It's a Greek and Balkans area tradition to make a Vasilopita or Money Cake with a similar, or real coin, put into it for the entire family or group to participate, then to see who gets the prize. - $1.50.

(There are three other similar, but not same, of these coins which I have to offer.)


Tokens #01:AETE Telephone Token A-7 19mm, bronze / for $6.00

Apparently RARE as one same token sold on eBay on 29 June 2017 for $23.99 + S6.00 for shipping. This one is better!

Greek Coins selling individually. Please identify the coins wanted by Greece - Denomination - Date - and - Catalog #.

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Greg H.

Adam R.


Greg H.

SOLD - Loren E.

19 Mar. 2020


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