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How we are different:

  • If there is a significant difference between the sides, the worst side is always shown; so if you bought it then view the other side, your reaction would be positive.

  • Except for bulk sales: Banknotes will be sent in protective sleeves. Coins and Tokens will be sent in protective 2"x2"s.

  • Banknotes, Coins and Tokens will usually be sent in plastic pages for use in 3-ring binders.

The prices here are based on being considerably lower than the average eBay SOLD Price.

Buyers may set-aside their purchases until either a USPS Priority Envelope or Box is filled. This always reduces the average over-all price per coin, etc., significantly. Plus, purchases which exceed $300 will be shipped Free to an address within the USA. 

Because some customers have ordered, then not followed through, all new customers are now asked to send a $20 deposit which is applied to their purchase. Inactivity of more than 90 days will end the order and the $20 will be applied to the hours of restocking and correcting each item on the Internet.

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