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On 1-1-1985 we started Butler's Wholesale, primarily servicing Mom & Pop Groceries with such items as seasonal toys, keychains, combs, pens & pencils, lighters, auto fuses, fishing supplies, etc. Soon afterwards we gravitated to including items on a consignment basis, as Stickers & Temporary Tattoos, Rings, Fireworks (Soon discontinued because of restrictive laws.), then in the Spring we'd bought our first Vending Machine.

Our first machine was a small 5# glass globe Oak Manufacturing "Acorn" 1 Cent Gumball Vender. The Oak Mfg. Co. sold us parts to change it to a 10 Cents / 1.1" Capsule Vender. After placing it on consignment in a grocery frequented by campers, the sales were so good that "we started counting our chickens", and bought six more machines. Today, we have more than Fourteen Hundred Machines: Gumball / Prizes / Large and Small Capsule / Stickers - Temporary Tattoos and even World Banknote in our Flat Venders.

Vending is a job by definition, but, at least for us, it's more like being paid while visiting friends, as most of the people that we see at the locations which we service are like our friends. We enjoy seeing them, and they seem to enjoy us visiting them, too.

Most of our small venders are Oak Mfg. Co. Vista Cabinet Machines. Most of our large capsule venders are Northwestern NW/80s. Most of our two column Flat Venders or "Sticker Machines" are Northwestern NW/80-STs. We have a number of Brand Co. and AllStar Sticker Machines, plus a few more from other companies.

Images of our machines:

2 for 25 Cents Gumball Venders / Double Smalls / Double Large / Two-Up & Two-Down small racks / Our most popular Two-Up (NW 80s) & Three-Down (Oak Vistas), Three-Up (NW 80s) & Five-Down (Oak Vistas) ... the typical Supermarket & Department Store Rack.

ASAP, I'll be listing various machines, stands, racks, machines on stands & racks, coin mechanisms, etc. for sale.

Our health is causing us to go out of business. We'll miss many going to many locations as they're our friends, too.


Initially, we chose Blue-colored Venders, as they set us apart. However, as we developed many Chinese Restaurant locations, we began buying Red-colored Venders, as Chinese consider red to be a lucky color.