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How to Collect:

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Use the "Who, What, Where, When, and How" suggestions that you hopefully learned in school.

This, to me, is a no-brainer as I am old and fairly set in my ways, but the fact is that there is no specific way to collect. Fortunately, we don't collect in the same way, nor would it be good if we all did. Well then, what is the best way to collect? The answer is, however, you choose to collect. But, having said that, here are a number of suggestions:

1. Collect coins from one country.

2. Collect from a group of countries, such as all countries that primarily speak Spanish, or FTM, any other language.

3. Collect any coin, or a minor coin or a Crown size coin from every Past or Present country, setting an era limitation for yourself.

4. At some time in your collecting, not necessarily at the beginning, consider if you want to collect as a hobby, which I did, or for profit as some do. Coins, Banknotes, Stamps, Tokens, and even Medal Collecting are all related hobbies, and you'll learn much from your collecting experiences. By collecting World Coins, etc., you will learn about other Cultures, Languages, History, Geography, Economics (honestly), Religions,   Architecture, Flower Fauna, and mcuh more. The best part of collecting is that it is not only educational, but it's fun. Memorable times will be as receiving your first significantly different coins. I remember my first coin which was a British Florin with Edward VII. Getting the first old Chinese Cash coins was quite interesting. My other memorable firsts were an Indian Head Penny, a "V" Nickel, a Canadian Large Cent, a Morgan Dollar, a steel Meter Box Slug, a very small coin from Travancore, an Oblong coin from old Japan, German Inflationary Banknotes, a Banknote from a German Concentration Camp ... it still evokes sympathy for those who suffered and died when I view it. But fortunately, life still has many more pleasant experiences for us to have, as the stamp collection that I once bought which featured beautiful Butterflies from around the world. 

5. Determine how much you can or will spend on your hobby. Consider, too, the old adage about too much of a good thing isn't always good!

6. A fairly inexpensive goal is to have a Penny Size coin from every country, then choose the place in time / the era in which to do this. A good starting place could be the year you were born or the year in which you began collecting or however is best for you.

7. Many folk collect coins featuring animals, The number and variety of animals on coins will amaze you. Setting limitations as types, eras, locations, etc., is a key to success, as if to collect all animals, or just one type or breed, or so. I've seen collections of Birds and of Elephants on coins, but the one who collects only needs to do his, or her, own thing.

8. Banknote collectors have serial numbers to consider. All one number is one way, radars are another, inverted order, etc., etc. But almost all banknotes are either rectangular, whereas coins although usually round, holed and not holed, often multisided, having different consistencies of metals, and even of stone, fiber, shells, plus. I have a beautiful C.U. Laotian banknote with the telephone number that my family had in my youth.

9. Some folks collect bi-metallic coins. A fellow collector with whom I have had several conversations has told me of his coin collection of several thousand all different images of people, real and imaginary. 

10. Other collectors collect ships on coins. I have books with coins, stamps, tokens, medals, keychains, collectible cards and more dealing with Space Exploration, and another specifically dedicated to Automobiles, from the earliest to current cars. A local collector has possibly the largest collection of Car Wash tokens in the world. Coin Collecting is the oldest known hobby in the world, it's widely practiced, and the many different ways to collect make it an excellent hobby. 


The ten ideas above are not all-encompassing; they're just ten ideas of the thousands of ways to collect. Basically, if it is interesting to you, and that's what you'd like to do, then go for it. The reason that I've avoided collecting for profit is IMO because once it's primarily for profit, then it may become more like work, than being fun. The reason that I am selling now that I am so old, is because I love my wife even more than I love my collections. Selling my collections is to provide for our future security.


So basically any way to collect is good, if that's the way that you want to do it. In short, I had collected everything, within my limited budget, and on a "Catch-as-Catch-Can" basis, and with an unlimited interest.

There is no ending for this kind of collector, and I dare say that not even the richest collector could ever complete such collection. However, I personally enjoyed collecting. My collections were heavy in minors, but there is just as much to be learned by collecting Minors as there is by collecting Crowns, plus it's easier to achieve numeric success on a limited budget.


May you have much success and satisfaction by collecting coins. Consider your goals, use your imaginary friends "Who, What, Where, When, and How" to help you, and lastly know that even changing directions in mid-stream is also perfectly acceptable, because you make the rules, and it's your hobby. You can't go wrong. Even if things happen that require you to put a hold on your collecting, put it up, and it'll keep for the time when you can return. 'Been there and done that, too! Life's good / Enjoy!


'Just my Opinion:

(As if the other comments aren't!?)

'Just a few moments ago while changing "The Coin of the Week" with a Crown size coin from Niue, I made a startling observation; Niue sells Coins to the World Coin Collectors and to tourists. AAMOF, as of today, 28 Feb. 2019, it has issued 674 different Niuean Coins! Upon researching more, all of these "Coins" are Non-Circulating Coins, or simply Medals or Tokens. The coins commemorate greats as General MacAuthor and various achievers of the sports world to Mickey Mouse, etc.


The small nations began this by issuing stamps for sale far beyond their needs, to eventually issuing CTOs. Whether it's the Vatican, some small Islamic Nation, Isle of Man, Guernsey or Jersey, or Niue, issuing non-circulating and the never-ending circulating coins is a tax on those collectors who allow themselves to be caught up in  this worldwide collecting frenzy.


Personally, were I to be collecting again, as a World Coin Collector, such places as the Marshall Islands and Niue would rate one example each, only.


I've vented my frustration. Hopefully, it may ease another's guilt feelings. But, the bottom line continues that collecting is what you want and how you want; and that's how it always should be.