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(a) World Stamps.



(aUS 1 Cent Clad Memorials and Shields. I don't suggest trying to collect the Lincoln Commemoratives, as they were a great boondoggle. First of all, those poor quality coins should have been plastic or aluminum because if a child ingested one of them with the clad worn off, the zinc could poison them! Plus, why should the Taxpayers

have to pay 2 Cents each for Commemoratives which usually just go into collections?



(a) The clad Canadian 1 Cent (Pennies).


4 :

(aPaper Play Money 100 different for $4.00


5 :

(a) 5¢ each ... Many different types of World Coins for a Nickle each!

(bUS Wheat Cents - 1950s

(c) Numerous TOKENS, most of which are generic. Examples: CEC, and other similar; arcade, pizza, golf, etc.

No Transit, Merchant, or Commemoraticves, etc. I suggest buying 200 at one time, and I'll minimalize duplicates. 

6 :

(aCull World Coins.

(bUS Wheat Cents - 1940s (Currently unavailable) 



(aUS Nickels. Currently two types are circulating, but if 20 or more are purchased, at least one each of the late four different commemoratives will be included, too.

(bUS Wheat Cents - 1930s (Currently unavailable) 

(cCanadian Nickels.


8US Wheat Cents - 1909 - 1920s (Currently unavailable) 

(a) Cull Banknotes. Minimum of 10 / Maximum of 30m ... all different.


(a) Bar Tokens (Merchant tokens used in Beer Joints and Taverns.) Illustrated at Top Right.


20 :

(a) Assorted Novelty Banknotes Those as sold on eBay for 50 Cents to a Dollar each.


50(a) 50 Cents World Coins Specials.