Bob's Selling the remaining pieces of his World Coin and Banknote Collection

Cash Coins - Predominately Chinese

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The laws in China pertaining to making Copies, Counterfeits, Reproductions, etc., are designed to protect or to keep safe current Coinage and Paper Money of the current government. No current PRC Chinese laws, if any, are being enforced to prohibit manufacturing Copies or Counterfeits. Currently, there are US laws to prohibit importation of numismatic material which is not plainly marked Copy, or similar. These laws are not frequently enforced.

Initially the Chinese reproductions were so poorly made that to most collectors they were laughable; however, some Chinese Reproductions are so well made now, especially those of Morgan Silver Dollars, that they've found their way into the collections of many knowledgeable collectors.

IMO, as the percentage of Chinese Collectors of Coins, both national and worldwide, will eventually request their government to prohibit counterfeits.

Attention: The coin(s) on the very bottom row of each group are either Copies, Fantasies, or Special Issues:






Sold to Pete T.

26 May 2019