5 Feb. 2020  
Jacob Aaron Butler
1380 Masi Drive
Quakertown, PA
By the advice of the Newport News Police Department and the Newport News Magistrate,
You may not communicate with either of us in person, by texting, by cell phone or by land-line phone. If communication is necessary, you may do so by an inoffensive and
non-threatening letter via the USPS system only.
You may not come onto our property or within sight of our home. We are being given Police Protection by the N.N.P.D. If you violate this, you will be stopped by the Police, and most probably will be given temporary incarceration for 72 hours.
Furthermore, we are also taking legal action by petitioning the General District Court for a Protective Order.
Previously we had over-looked your threats and inconsideration. By your cursing, filthy name-calling and threats to us both, we are having to do this for our rights to live peacefully and safely. We wish that our relationship could be as it was a couple of months ago when you and Amy visited us for breakfast.
Mom and Dad.