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How to Collect!


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50¢ Unc. Coins

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'Just my Opinion

- On How to Collect


Novelty Notes

Orders: Please include this information for each item ordered:

  • Country

  • Denomination

  • Catalog Number

  • Price

Thank you!

World Coins for sale:

50* for $5.00  {10¢ each }

200* for $40~ { 20¢ each }

500* for $175~{35¢ each }


Shipping costs make small quantity purchases of low-value coins "Cost-Prohibitive" unless accompanied with other purchases sufficient to make them a justifiable purchase.


*All different:

(Types &/0r Varieties. No Duplicates.))


Usually, the larger amount chosen has much of that which is offered in the smaller amount.


The Small Print:

Buyers who wish to have all from one country will be facilitated AMAP. For example

If  100 different for $15.00  {15¢ each } is ordered. and the Buyer requests all possible from Argentina, then I pull Argentina and select & pull amap of my duplicates, then complete with other coins. Requests for coins from major countries can more easily be filled. Requests for coins from small or obscure

countries as Tuva Peoples Republic or P.E.I. may or may not be possible. I suggest requesting a major country plus two minor ones, and I'll do the best that I can. Don't expect coins that sell for three or four times as much. Do keep in mind that I want, and need, repeat customers, and realize that to get and keep them, the Buyer must be satisfied amap.


We always combine to keep your price ALAP. 

Others are as marked.